“Uuchten” in Luxembourg-city

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What is it about?

In the winter months the days get shorter and the nights get longer. In earlier times, when there was no electricity, people got together on long winter evenings, alternately in different homes, which is called “Uucht” in Luxembourgian. It was all about exchanging news, telling stories, singing songs and tinkering alongside spinning wool, patching clothes, embroidering blankets, smoking a pipe, dozing a while or whatever. This resulted in saving wood and light.

We would like to revive this long-forgotten tradition and invite you between November and February to “uucht” with us singing songs and telling stories.

Christian Ries, Catherine Hengesch and Camille Kerger


We sing an international repertoire with secular songs in Luxembourgian, German, French, Portuguese, English and Italian. We will use especially the singing booklet Stimmband – Lieder und songs, published by the German publishing house Reclam. We bring a stock of 30 books to each Uucht. Here are the references in case you wish to buy it: the small pocket book worth € 6.95; the same book is available in large format for € 14.95 (XL-Ausgabe. 13.6 x 21 cm).

We accompany the song with piano, acoustic guitar and / or accordion (without sound amplification).


We tell little stories and anecdotes from different cultural backgrounds, in Luxembourgian, German and French. You may bring your own selection.


Everyone is welcome, even if it is not to sing, but to listen and engage in a quiet activity such as spinning, crochet, knit, embroider or just read.


For organizational reasons please register via this web page. To enable a cosy evening we only accept the first 40 registrations.


We have our “Uucht evenings” in winter 2016-2017 in the cosy bistro Oekosoph in Pfaffenthal, just across Sang a Klang. Candles create a warm atmosphere in this friendly setting and there’s plenty of organic food and drinks.

Getting there

You can easily come to Pfaffenthal on foot, by bike, bus, or car: